Office Cleaning

Professional Office Cleaning

Every day, you go to your office and do your work and in the process, you clutter your space, track in dirt, throw away papers, have your lunch at your desk, and drop some crumbs.  You go home and the next morning, miraculously, the office is spotless again. It’s not a miracle and it’s not the work of cleaning fairies, it’s your professional cleaning service.

The Wright Touch is one of the most trusted office cleaning services in St. Louis.  For more than 18 years, we’ve been providing businesses with efficient and dependable cleaning services that meet the unique needs of their office.  Our trustworthy staff cleans consistently and thoroughly, leaving your office fresh and clean when you arrive in the morning.

The cleanliness of your offices can directly affect your employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.  Sick Building Syndrome is a real condition caused by an unclean working environment that can lead to respiratory problems and headaches.  It not only causes your employees to be sick and miss work, it can cause them to be unhappy at work and lower their productivity.

For more than 18 years, The Wright Touch team has been providing businesses with efficient and dependable cleaning services.  Besides vacuuming, dusting, and sanitizing bathrooms, we also clean and disinfect kitchen and eating areas to help stop the spread of germs.  We work hard to ensure that your workplace is clean for the health of your employees.

We’re fully licensed and bonded, and because not all offices work 9 to 5, we have flexible hours so we can clean around your work hours.  Our services are affordable and we can provide you with only the services you need and none of those you don’t so you can stay within your budget.

Your office is a reflection of your business.  With The Wright Touch cleaning your offices every night, people will know your business is professional, efficient, and successful.  And if you have to tell them cleaning fairies did it, we’re okay with that too!