Library Cleaning

Professional Library Cleaning

Libraries are gathering spots, where people come together at library-sponsored events or they can be a respite, a quiet nook to escape into a good book.  Whether it’s a town or city library, or one in a school or university, libraries have their own cleaning challenge: books are dust magnets. Nobody wants to pull a book off the shelf and have dust fly everywhere.  A dust-free and clean library is welcoming to its patrons.

Parents love to bring their children to the library and teach them about the wonderful worlds that can be found inside of books.  And along with those little hands exploring the library come lots of germs and bacteria. That’s why all common areas and tables in the library should not only be cleaned but disinfected as well.  

At The Wright Touch, our professional cleaning staff will clean your library from the first page to the last, providing library patrons with a clean and healthy environment to find the perfect book.  We vacuum, we dust, we disinfect, we do it all.

We have flexible hours to clean while the library is closed and we can work with you to provide the services you need while staying within your strict library budget.  Our trustworthy staff provides only the highest level of cleaning services, and your satisfaction is our top priority. We’re hardworking and we’re honest―we’re an open book!

If you’re not happy with your old cleaning service, it’s time to start a new chapter with The Wright Touch!