About Us

Our History

The Wright Touch Company, Inc. was established in 2000 by Terry and Cindy Wright.  It didn’t take long for the company to gather a fast network of grounded companies and establishments throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area, including Illinois.  Their reputation grew quickly due to their faithfulness to on-site supervision of each ground that was under their care.  Since the turn of the century they have grown to more than 20 employees ranging from cleaners and technicians to on-site administrative staff and management.  Their marketing has come from word-of-mouth sales from past clientel and their web of influence has increased with every job completed.  The Wright Touch has had the commitment of several public libraries, high schools, and government municipals, as well as several commercial offices and residential homes.  Their business strategy has given them the advantage to create unique packages for each client based on the client’s needs and request.  The company is also reknown for their customer service and fast delivery on their services.  They have continued to guarantee a Wright Touch for over a decade and have been consistent in deliverying dedicated cleaning services in the city of St. Louis and Illinois.

Our Mission

The Wright Touch is a commercial and residential cleaning service. We have a passion for understanding and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We are committed to providing superior service with the highest-level of quality and excellence. We not only seek partnership with our customers, but we respect them and believe in an open and honest communication.

We Believe

in Our CustomersService is everything.  We do not consider you an account; we consider you a partnership.  We want to grow a bond between the Wright Touch and the client and help you realize the accountability you have with our services and our people.  We are here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If our partners need anything, we are sure to be on site for them.  We make sure our integrity is positive both in presentation and in delivery.  You can expect a Wright Touch with every detail on the job, because that’s the standard we believe in.

We Believe in a Job-Well-Done

As mentioned in our mission statement, we have a passion for understanding and exceeding our customer’s expectations.  We take every measure and precaution to bring you a higher than satisfactory job on your cleaning experience.  We dedicate our time and energy in cleaning methods unmatched by competition and continue to develop new strategies to deliver the best product in a good time.  The Wright Touch will continue to be our best and be sure to complete a job well done.